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Just a little bit of magic.

When you think about the magic system in D&D, one of the things that come out of it is a lack of pzazz, especially the Orisons (or zero level spells).  These spells create (at most) effects that might do as much as a single hit point but are mostly just an annoyance. At one time orisons was something a mage might use to distract a guard or light a fuse. Now they are mostly ignored, especially as spell levels increase. But what happens if you want a character to have a little bit of magic but doesn’t want to take a whole level in a casting class?  I’ve been toying around with this idea for a day or two and present to you this idea.


Little bit of magic (Feat)

Somewhere in your family lineage your ancestor has had “relations” with a fey-blooded or draconic individual. Usually a member of the family shows no sign of magical abilities, but once in a generation or three you can produce little magical effects by just thinking about them. These effects are mostly minor and often the source of great childish pranks such as moving a small object (no more than a pound) around a room, causing a tiny mouse to appear from thin air or able to produce a whisper of fire just by snapping your fingers. The character should be encouraged to develop his own ideas and put a spin on it that makes it unique (with the GM’s approval).

Requirements: Character must forfeit the skill points he would normally gain to move to the next level.

Restrictions: An individual who currently has one level or more as a spell caster cannot take this feat. If the individual take a spell casting class in the future, he immediately loses the use of this feat.

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My new website is active!

It’s taken forever, but I finally have a functional website where you can keep abreast of new projects and goings on.